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UI/UX Web Design

We know that website is a key interface between you and your potential clients and as a rule, it provides the first opportunity to meet each other. In today’s era, designing well-built website is requisite for all business as internet is available at most places. For the prosperity of online business, the existence of powerful web design is essential. Consumers are relying on search engines for discovering information about your products and services. Engage your customer with your website is a vital as a source of information. First prerequisite of designing an effective website is to be a strong team with extensive experience, and website should be distinct in design. We have competence members of creative web designers who can furnish attractive and innovative web designs.

Today there is a huge competition in the online market and it is absolutely unprofitable to design a poor website in terms of user interface. Web designs are a fundamental part of your online business which not only impact your website’s ranking in search engine but also allows your website visitors to reach through entire website. With a unique business objective, you need a lot of creative ideas to attract customers towards your business. Satisfaction of customers should be your first priority and the well-designed website will increase your sales and you will find thousands of new clients. The website creates the company's first impression on the customer, so you need to imagine many facets to develop a professional website. The website we are designing will provide a strong message for your client's needs. TechHive's creative design team will put you in the competitive market. Our website design service will give the chance to help you and make your business a success. Then your outcomes will make us pleased.

Our Endeavour in Web Industry:

web designing services

Are you questing genuine website designing company? TechHive is committed to consummate the custom web design needs in India and all around the world. Effectively designed website is surely the most significant necessity for business owner who wants to do online business and wants delighting his clients. If you are business owners then we portray affordable and professional custom website design to grow business at a fast pace. We fully interpret the theme of your business and design a website that will be customized and will be non-identical from your competitors. Our adroit designers make astounding designs that can fulfill your fantasy of having a distinctive brand identity. We are the provider of India's fastest growing web design company for corporate and non-corporate organizations. We will advise you to make excellent custom web solution that is complete for you and suited with your needs Our websites make use of HTML, PHP, Magento, Wordpress, Opencart, Woocommerce and many more web technologies to develop CMS and ecommerce websites.

Can you pay for designing websites that are great but cannot make profits for your brand? Then why do you want to put money on a beautiful website if it cannot produce inquiry and cannot convert buyers? At TechHive you can get designs of both attracted and successfully websites. We work to create a website by analyzing your business and your industry, which aims to target the market. We have created websites for not only desktop but for mobile and tablet devices that look great and perform well.

Our professional team is familiar for working devotedly and neutraly to satisfy the customer's need. We define the goal of delivering a custom website that will suit your website specifications. Our custom web design will bring a unique identity in your website. Our marketing strategies will make you distinct face in online environment. Regardless of you need Branding design, Responsive web design, Flash design, CMS design, and ecommerce web design; we’ll produce the pretty much online impact for you. By utilizing latest web technologies, our determinate web designers like to create the best designs for you.

Our portfolio:

We propose varied website design services, including:

Static web design: Static website holds one or more web pages made up of HTML which incorporate static content, even if it contains text, images, videos and links, each page shows identical information to each user. Our static web designing service attempts to display your business information online that does not require repetitive editing. Our web designing process adheres to the w3c and xhtml standards so users can navigate website easily, increases user experience and accessible by search engine robots.

Dynamic web design : We are actively busy in the designing of database driven dynamic websites with stunning and rich UI. Because of each module are isolated in dynamic web designing, it become unchallenging to updates multiple web pages instantly. For example, if you want to do changes in website’s header section then you entail to change at one location and it will show updating in all pages. In dynamic web design, contents of website will loaded according to the user’s conditions.

Responsive web design :In the epoch of advanced technology, most internet users visit websites on their mobile devices and tablets along with different screen sizes. It is tough to design a website, which is convenient on all devices. Responsive html5 web design can have this solution. We use combination of html5, css3 and JavaScript for designing a responsive website, which is adaptable to any screen size. Using css3 media queries and fluid grids, we can create responsive web design with optimal design layout for different screen size. So your website layout will be change based on the size of screen being used to view it.

Custom web design :We design custom websites as per client’s wants. We have uniformly designed well-organized and interactive custom websites which has produced sales for our clients. Our primary attentions are to designing a tailor-made website placing your goals in mind of social media, outbound or inbound marketing. We can deliver custom logo, customized email headers, custom layouts and styles. We can do anything to satisfy client’s objective that keeps him different from rest of business.

Template design:We can customize web templates based on demand of the theme, style, design, font and color. We are designing amazing templates on various themes like art, photography, business, construction, finance, computer, education, gaming and many more. Web template designing services offered by us are responsive templates, landing page templates, bootstrap templates, html5 site templates, PSD templates, photo gallery templates and admin templates.