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Email marketing

Email Marketing is an incumbent tool for any profession who wish to rectify its online marketing results. As a matter of fact, email is the most profitable method to make stable relationships with your target customers.

Email marketing is one of the desirable internet marketing strategies to disseminate latest product launch for the business proprietor, and to offer discount to their existing customers. Also it is the classic source for new customer attainment. Nowadays email campaigns come up with most efficacy and cost-effective online advertising process for the marketers as they can find the consequence of email marketing in their quantifiable ROI.

Numerous online email tools are available that allows you design email and newsletter, which you can then transmit to your target customers. Well designed email campaigns are more than just find the contact list and to pressing the send button. To create email campaign you require specialists who knows how to execute successful campaign so that you can earn better ROI.

It’s always a good bargain in marketing when you can reach large customers within budget. It is a great way to measure your return on investment, and to excess customer procurement rate. Apart from this, email marketing is straight and fast, thus, you can get straight response from customers and helps you run your business craftily. Besides, due to email marketing, you can connect to a huge number of customers as it helping you targeting those customers who are already captivated in your brand. In addition to, it connects you with potential buyers easily, allowing them to forward your marketing newsletters.

A well known email marketing agency can consolidate the base of digital marketing strategy. The purpose of this is to spread a wide variety of information through email. Our email marketing services provide a simple way to spread information and notify them, not only for existing customers but also for new customers.

Due to the immediate behaviour of email marketing and customer response, reaction on your performance is also instant. Through our services, you can often supervision your updates, and measure your performance. This gives deeply analysis of the influence of your email marketing strategy, which leads in quicker amendment.

Endeavour in Email Industry:

TechHive gives you email marketing proficiency. Our team ensures that you get better conversion rates by designing effective and correlative emails. TechHive was established in 2015, delivering email marketing services to the client in India and overseas. We give you the service of designing Electronic Direct Mailers together with newsletters, online product catalogues etc.

We also furnish the service of blasting out those Electronic Mailers. Our email marketing techniques ensure high open click and convert rates. We help you in building and manage your email lists so that it does not result in unwanted spamming. This is achieved through efficiently segmenting the target audience and creating personalized messages that are creative and interactive.

email marketing services

Our Email marketing services include following things:

  • Scheduling campaign:

    We make potent email marketing campaign which will connect you to your clients. We assist you scheduling your email campaigns, performing A/B split testing, setting up targeted auto-responders, and integrate with social media.

  • Send well designed campaign:

    We use our pre-built email templates to give unique look to your business.

  • list management:

    We are integrating contact form with your existing website to gather leads, and tracking contact history, subscriber engagement and list growth.

  • Measure performance:

    We track your campaign’s success in terms of who opened, clicked or unsubscribed.