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Logo Designing

In designing, Logo is foremost step for any company. It identifies what company is about and what it does. Logo design services includes design, shape, colors, fonts and images. TechHive provides unique custom shape Logo service based on client’s requirements.

Logo designing is the first look, where everyone knows the company and their website. Various purpose is there for different firm such as corporative companies demand simple and attractive Logo which usually leads on fonts and letters. While others may be requiring colorful, artistic Logo. These things will recognize Logo’s characteristics.

TechHive uses different techniques for making effective Logo design. Some of the techniques are describe below.

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  • Identify your purpose:
  • What our client’s want we serve them better as their expectations. First draw some rough sketches on drawing paper so we can clearly convert our ideas more briefly.

  • Letters play vital role:
  • Most of the company demand company’s name letters Logo. But If you are going to make only letters logo then make it more attractive by scaling and give curve to join each letter. Use space between letters so it can be clear visible letters. Take a help with various Logo fontsIt will look creative and eye-capturing.

  • Use gradients:
  • Light shades of gradient performeffective role in content and letter. We have professional experts to make professional logos and make it more attractive by gradients.

  • Font size and case:
  • Fonts should be in their required size such as in website, font should be medium but in image font should be large readable. Make sure your letters are in uppercase or lowercase. If you want one or two letter in logo, then you should keep your font uppercase. Where you want name as a logo, then it will be sensitive case.

  • Pen tool:
  • Some curves are not possible by shapes. We need to use pen tool for perfect shape and edges. Professional designers use these tools to make perfect Logo. TechHive company is very mature in Logo Design Company. its approach and carries out its designing in a best way possible for accurate results.