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UX and UI facing challenges during web development.

Living in technical world where internet and smart gadgets are basic needs for us. Where the web technology performs major role in daily life. We can get every answer of our question with help of this technologies. The web is not just a library that we can only browse However, some times its good convincing to deal with web pages while sometimes it gives not satisfaction. There are some changes which can give bright opportunity but also give some difficulties which can overcome by new technologies.

UX and UI the two main directions we can consider as a new technology. So, who are they and what exactly do they do?

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How will you make your users live long to your website?

It is very important and noticeable matter that users how long stay to your website. With the help of Google Analytics. it can be measured that users stay on your websites in Minutes or Seconds. Users shows their review by spending more time and it is very clear direction for website makers. Maximum time they stay, maximum profitable to your business. The website must be decent, elegant, attractive, clear conceptual, readable to keep users attached. If users not spend enough time on your website, then it is clearly noticeable thing you should pay attention on it. Visitors don’t feel like they are looking for information. Ultimately, they should get to know what they are finding they will get it without taking much efforts.

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